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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Jedi, Mar 27, 2013.

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    My 2 Cents

    Strange thing about the PS3 Controller is that there are no less than 103.5 ways on how to use them with a Mac ( Mac OS ).

    So , I needed another adventure !

    I went to Target , and bought there , Crimson Red / Target Only , PS3 Controller , and tried getting it to work with Mac OS / both 10.6 & 10.8.

    It was crazy nut`s for awhile , but a few things I was able to find out:

    1) You must charge the PS3 Controller before you can really know what is going on. You do not need to own a PS3 Console to do this. Simply plug the special USB Charge cable for a PS3 Controller into a USB port on your Mac , and then check your mail / surf the web / post on a forum or whatever for about 2 to 3 hours. Durning this time you will notice the RED flashing lights on the PS3 -C ( all 4 of them ). The lights WILL go out once the PS3-C is completely charged.

    2) Open Sys. Pref. and select Bluetooth , make sure to check mark the Make Discoverable box.

    3) Unplug the USB cable from the PS3-C , but not your Mac. Plug the cable back into the PS3-C and push the Playstation logo / button and hold for a few second ( just count to 5 and let go).

    4) Unplug the PS3-C , and click the Make Discoverable box so that it is unchecked , then in a couple of seconds , re-check the make ( count to 2 ).

    5) Click on the gear and make it a favorite.

    Now what should be happening is the PS3 controller will be listed as connected but not paired , for get about it !! , it`s A-OK !
    If you are running OS-X / ML then you can rename it anything you want , however if you have X.6 , then you will have to settle for the default name.

    Now about those flashing lights I have read so much about !!

    When you set this up for the first time after charging is complete there should be NO flashing red lights.

    If you turn off , or sleep , your Mac , then , you can do one of to things.

    Plug the cable into your Mac and PS3-C , hold the PS3 button and pull out the plug , the light should go out.

    OR , you can turn on the PS3 controller by pressing the PS3 logo , and just let the red lights flash !!

    Both ways are ok , personally , I just plug it in and unplug it so I don`t have the flashing lights.


    Since there are now no less than 104 ways to hook up a PS3 Controller , this may or may not work.
    I offer this freely , as just another POSSIBLE way to get the PS3 - C to work with a Mac and it`s OS.

    IF , you use BootCamp , then I can`t help , Mac only ;)

    Have fun , I hope I have helped save someones sanity !!

    Later :)

    Gary 

    Mac Stuff = 2010 Mac Mini 4.1 & 2012 MBP-R / 256 Gb / 8 Gb Ram
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    I (Feral) made a video for all of you on how to sync the PS3 pad.

    PS3 pad on Mac Tutorial

    Should help you all.

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    I was about to search for this info, so thanks for the OP and the video Edwin.

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