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Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by TheGdog, Jul 18, 2015.

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    Up to this point my favorite OS X version has been Tiger (10.4). I loved how simple, clean and fast it was. Personally I don't think any O/S has come close to its simplicity and speed.

    Ever Since Lion, I felt like OS X was incomplete software. Especially regarding things like mission control which killed spaces and multi-screen support. Those weren't the best days for OSX. And really, OS X didn't have much direction. Not to say windows was any better, which is why I didn't switch.

    Today I installed 10.11 Beta. And for the first time in a while, I feel like OS X might be back to a steady place. It feels clean, simple, faster and very polished. Sure it has bugs, but its also a beta. The feature set is nice, but doesn't complicate the interface. 10.10 was the start of a new generation of OS X.

    I know some might not agree with me, but I wanted to see who does! Right now i'm very happy with the direction of OS X. Solid powerful Desktop, with the quality and integration of a mobile OS. I like it.

    Now I just got to wait for the New Macbook Pros to come out. :-D
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    I defiantly agree lion was a bit Meh. I used to use macs at school in the tiger and panther days but don't remember the OS in much detail. My first own Mac ran snow leopard and upgrading to lion didn't feel right, mountain lion improved it a bit and then Mavericks finally made lion what lion was always supposed to be but by that point the interface was looking a bit dated, although the stability, performance and good battery life returned.

    Also, Like you I much prefer the Yosemite and El captain series than than the lion/mountain lion/Mavericks series. And el captain is most certainly the polished version, liking snow leopard to leopard and Mavericks to lion.
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    I think 10.11 builds upon Yosemite, nothing much in terms of flash and gee whiz, but upgrades the user experience. The sad thing is imo, is these performance improvements and tweaks to the UI should have been included in Yosemite in the first place. I think they rushed that out the door when it wasn't ready.

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