just bought a MBP!!! revision question...


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Jun 13, 2006
i just came from the mall in delaware (no tax! :D ) with a brand spanking new macbook pro. i also got the nano and printer free* w/ the education discount. hopefully, i can sell those on ebay and save ~$400 on this mbp ($200 edu discount, $150 and $50 for the nano and printer on ebay, respectively)

anyway, i haven't opened the box yet. i just had a question about when this laptop was produced. from previous threads and looking at the serial number (w86263...) it seems like this was made on week 26? if that's the case, it was made in mid-june?? i'm a little disappointed because i was hoping to get a batch from july or even early august.

can i assume that since they started making merom mbp that they've stopped making yonahs around mid-june?

long and short of it, do i have the latest yonah mbp? i'm hoping that the heat and mooing issue would be fixed w/ my mbp. if its not the latest, can i bring apple store and ask for another one?

Steve Jobless

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May 31, 2006
i cant answer your other questions but merom hasnt been announced yet so no apple did not start producing them in late june on wards, your store probably had old stock.


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Jan 20, 2005
As Steve Jobless said, there are no production Merom MBPs yet. (Well, there might be some if they're gearing up for a new release, but they're certainly still cranking out Yonah ones.)

You can't really exchange your MBP because it isn't "the latest." In theory I suppose you could return for no reason at all it since it hasn't been opened and you bought it today. I'm not sure they'll be able to guarantee you a more recent one though.

If it develops a problem, Apple will take care of it. Most of the problems seem to have been solved (and were by Week 26)...I'd probably just keep it. Chances are everything will be fine.