Just Bought MBP. Haven't turned it on. Few Questions


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Jun 4, 2007
I have pictures at the bottom. I'm really happy I finally got it after it being sold out almost EVERYWHERE on a daily basis.

1) Should I reinstall the OS as soon as I turn it on? Or should I get it up and running first. How do i go about this? I don't need the printer drivers. If i need one I will just download them as needed. Do I need a certain language if it is used on a website? If so i need Japanese and Chinese because I shop at some sites that use those languages in certain areas

2) What should I check for and how. No I am not checking for the yellow. If i don't notice it in normal use then I don't care.

3) Should I use firefox. I have it on my current windows PC and love it. Is safari better in your opinion?



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Jun 13, 2007
San Diego, California
1) No, unless you want to save a couple of GB's on the HD.
2) If you don't notice anything why bother.....
3) It is preference! I would get Safari a chance though.


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Jun 8, 2007
Montreal, Canada
1) Like you, I bought it 2 weeks ago and I formatted it as soon as I got it because I didn't want printers drivers, aditional fonts and tryware (office and a few iLife programs & files). This saved me some space for bootcamp. I have the 120 Gb disk, so every giga is worth saving.

2) if you turn it on and everything works fine, then you dont need to deep search it :p most of the people get perfect machines.

3) you should try camino. :)