Just bought my iphone and 1 hour later…


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Apr 23, 2005
San Diego
Myself being a Mac programmer was very upset while attending WWDC 07′ and Steve Jobs explains how applications are to be developed on the iPhone. I am not a web programmer I am a desktop programmer so I was utterly turned off of the iPhone at that point in time. However, after actually touching one I decided on my way home from work to “just do it” and I did. I came into my condo in San Diego packing an 8 GB iPhone and as always(thank you Apple) set it up and was making calls, browsing, etc in about 20 Minutes. With my iPhone in pocket I was headed to Ralphs across the street to get some groceries, BLAM!, SCREECH, BLAM!, BLAM! I turn and whip out my newly acquired device and was able to use it like I had been a user forever. Within a fraction of seconds I was able to take it out, snap some shots, email them out to my synced contacts then turn and walk away and start viewing a funny YouTube clip, test my own website check my email and edit some contact information. After I returned I docked the iPhone and everything was smooth as silk, photos into iPhoto, Contacts updated, and mail in sync. I must say it was quite flawless use and having not had an iPhone but rather my Motorola Slvr I would have not been able to multi task so quickly… however, I hope anyone involved in the car accident are OK.

Edit: Yes Those 2 cars are embedded into the building.

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Sep 7, 2005
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funny. I think the commercials did a wonderful job of pre-training people for the iPhone

The picture on your blog was kinda annoying to view on an iPhone. I tried to rotate the phone to view it upright but ...


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Jan 8, 2007
That pic gave me a neck cramp! It' looks normal if you turn your head sideways. :D