Just bought win 8.1 PC... Am I a loser now???


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Apr 12, 2012
New England, USA
My MBP from 2011 is in need of a costly repair. Until I get it fixed, I bought a $275 desktop running win 8.1 (tower only). What I like is I can use my hi def 26" monitor and run the windows apps I use daily, MS Access among others, without virtualization. I use Parallels on my Mac. It felt great to buy something for just under 275.00!!! Also, win 8.1 isn't that bad, now that you can put Metro behind the scenes. Anyone else sick of spending $2K on a machine that needs extra help to run everything you use everyday? And the virtualization software charges for upgrades needed to support new OSX versions. Parallels needs a paid upgrade to run Yosemite.

Always hated windows, but I admit it's nice not to have to spend so much. I still love OSX, and use my iPad constantly, but am tired of the expense.....


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Feb 6, 2011
Boo hoo you're a loser .. get off the porch bitch LOL

No ... really Apple computer is a tough thing to keep up. It's even harder if you buy it only to keep up with your friends or colleagues. You just have to have the newest and shiniest thing from Apple. You can also be jealous of what Apple brings for the next generation. For example if you bought an iPhone 5, you would be jealous to a 5S with gold color option and TouchID.

It's all about control and responsibility. You don't have to buy an Apple product every year, and to be honest why should you? Your Mac/iPhone/iPad is still good enough today and it's still as good as the day you bought it. So why don't you just enjoy it and try to ignore all shiny new things Apple brought this year?

On a positive side, please note that you will have to upgrade eventually, and by the time you will enjoy newer and more features than there is today. So stop worrying and enjoy your existing products.

If you're tired of the expenses and paying premium for Macs, then by all means go with Windows PC. It is fine, it is great and to be honest there is virtually nothing a Mac can do that a PC cannot. You can still enjoy Apple ecosystem with Windows, you can still have iTunes, iCloud and all its features on Windows side. It's all fine and dandy. Many times PC gets more, more software, more games, more features to maximize your hardware that even Mac users can be jealous.

I love Windows 10 concept, it looks great from the Previews so far and I am considering hard to move away from Mac because there is less and less freedom and joy in it right now. You cannot upgrade your components by your own and Mac is simply becoming too disposable. I don't like it.


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Mar 10, 2011
You could've also spent $499 on a mac mini if you really wanted OSX. If you want Windows, then nothing wrong with buying a non-apple computer. If you want a cheap way to run osx, look into hackintoshes. Also, this is the iMac forum which has nothing to do with your mbp or your new system.