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Dec 29, 2013
I'm an IT professional and been a power user on Windows for 10+ years.

I recently bought a new iMac and I love it ! It does seem to have it quirks and occasionally misbehaves a bit but then modern and complex OSes will always have one issue or the other. I have a high end Vaio which is a powerhouse but started misbehaving badly from day 1 so as I said, Windows or Mac, some issues will always be there for some of us but hopefully not for all.

I've seen Windows evolving, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse and I'm excited to see this phenomenon unravel in the Mac ecosystem.

This forum is a great place to share thoughts and try and diagnose problems : I've fixed a few issues by going through the posts by the Mac gurus here !

Couple of interesting things I found :

1.) No 2 computers are entirely similar as we all load our own applications, customizations etc. Hence there might be some issues that affect some but not all. This doesn't mean that the issue doesn't exist.

2.) There are some issues that are so fundamentally big, that they affect all users and hopefully Apple will fix these as well as those in point 1 above.

3.) Running commands from Terminal is not a very good idea for Mac newbies like me as I certainly won't expect Windows newbies to do that either ( I've seen newbies do this and then regret later on)

Excited to see where this Mac road leads to !

Thanks everyone ! :)


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Apr 14, 2013
I don't know how much Windows evolution you've seen in only 10 years but I do hope you enjoy your new iMac


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Sep 21, 2012
MyMac1976 - not answering for this kind fellow's post, but just on the overall picture. We've seen Windows evolve and then stall, failing to recover. Simultaneously, we've seen Mac OS finally evolve to a point that it's at least a "comparable" alternative to Windows. This has prompted many users like the original poster and myself to give Mac a try. I love my Mac, but there are so many instances where it cannot compare to a Windows machine (i.e. business and productivity apps). Despite the fact that OS X is an incredibly smooth and feature rich operating system, Apple has always been considered an inferior computing platform and will continue to be so until this barrier is broken.


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Oct 29, 2013
Welcome to the dark side! I know how you feel!

I was a PC user from when I was little (Windows 95) until Windows xP and switched after hating Vista.

I still build Gaming PCs (Windows 7. Won't dare to touch Windows 8 or 8.1) so that my Mac doesn't have to worry about gaming and so that I can multi task with the iMac and Gaming PC side by side.

I understand what you mean. Seeing its developments from Windows 95 to XP was cool. After that, Vista was horrid, 7 was okay, 8 is horrid.

OS X has been great to me so and many others too on this forum. I hope that it continues to treat you well.


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Jun 19, 2013
Ya, the move from CPM to dos was horrid.
I always though that apple and sun should have merged and save us from IBM and Bill Gates, the we could have had the sunrise platforms.

I lived with dos and windows for a lot of years, but I have to say the switch back to a mac platform has been worth it. I can even run windows on my mac. That did not work too well the last time I tried it, long ago.

In the year I have had my mac, I don't think it has crashed once.
I sure don't miss my windows machine
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