Just curious if anyone else is having this issue:

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    Oct 22, 2012
    I can't tell if it is network specific of my iPhone 5 itself, but my upload speed on 3G is slow to not working at all. My first iPhone 5 died on me with screen flicker and random reboots. So I got a refurb from Apple and it was nice at first, but I'm noticing my upload to any service or app in general is not working.

    Speedtest.net app will not read upload. Sending messages into Kik barely work, but receiving them is fine. Sending mail never works, but receiving works great. I'm getting like 1.5Mbps Down on Sprint's 3G, and no upload.

    Just curious if anyone else has experienced this with any of their handsets.


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    Jul 26, 2011
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    Try a reset network settings.
    If still nothing call your carrier to see if they can adjust anything on their end.
    If you get ok download 3G speeds you should be able to upload.
    If you cant then something maybe messed up with the settings on your account.

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