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    I was paranoid with my battery life before, but then I realized that for what is and what it does it isn't half bad. Plus it being a new toy playing with it every 5 minutes started to die down. So I could easily go 2 days without a charge. Then the update came out and ever since then my battery life has just been very dismal. I charge it before bed, so that I can have my phone near my bed, because I get calls for work throughout the night. Over the past 2-3 nights, my battery is dead in the morning after a full charge. In the red at 10minutes of usage(all phone calls) and a little over 7hours of standby. Every setting is turned down or off and has full bars of service. I even have all the sound alerts turned off. The strange thing is during the day once I charge it again, it does seem to last a lot longer. So I just don't get it.

    One morning the phone felt very hot, so I did a restore through iTunes hoping for that to help, but to no avail. I remember, I believe this is the scenario:
    I had an old G3 ibook and I put Tiger on there. Well for some reason due to a setting, the processor was running at 100% constantly, no matter what you were doing. Thus the battery would die in under an hour. It almost feels like the processor in my iPhone is running full blast all the time, only because of the heat coming from it. Although this morning there was no heat and it was almost dead.

    So I have an appointment tomorrow with the "genius", I'll see what they have to say, but I'm just getting frustrated.

    Any ideas or thoughts?
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    First, never charge off of a laptop unless you have to, especially with USB 1. Second, the wall charger may be bad. There have been several reports off odd behavior with some wall chargers.

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