Just got an 4K Apple TV, few questions.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by gc15, Jun 16, 2018.

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    Is there anyway to have two different iCloud accounts attached to the device? Me and my SO other want to use my account for movie library and use her account to sign into Apple Music and listen to her playlists?

    We thought about setting up a family sharing account to fix the problem, but I don’t think that would help either since we both have different music playlists.

    Is there a work around with this besides putting both playlists on my iCloud device since rebuying movies is not the cost friendly option.

    Also I don’t have a 4K tv yet, but this is something I am interested in getting to take full advantage of the Apple TV 4K. What are some good brands to look for deals on?
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    I see right now in Settings/Account that it may work as you require. There are three different accounts one can sign in:
    1. iCloud
    2. iTunes and App Store (and that should allow multiple IDs)
    3. Game Center
    Now I am not sure if your movies library belongs to iCloud or iTunes, though. I have never tested it. Hopefully iTunes is just for the purchased content while home sharing is via iCloud (it's a bit of a mess, actually). Still the best thing is to give it a try.
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    Only replying to this bit hence the snip.

    How deep are your pockets (not meaning to get personal). For example, in the UK I can pick up a 4k for £400 or so +/- a few quid or pay over £2000 for one and get a wide range of sizes. Whatever that is in $.

    Personally its OLED all the way but that carries a premium. Someone one I know just got a Sony Bravia something or another 43" and the 4k is very good and yes, I can see it outside the recommend viewing distance. However other will not be so lucky. If the TV is 20' away then you may need to rearrange the room.

    Now the issues will roll in..... ;)
    How far away are you going to sit and how good is your eyesight? Not meant to be personal, I wear glasses now and I have good eyesight with them on and I can appreciate the 4K feeds just fine.

    I would suggest you go look at as many as you can. Try out the remotes and look at the operating systems. If in the store, they will have the panel set up for store display and run the makers preferred demo stuff. You need to see it running what you are more likely to watch.

    Another thing is upscaling. HD over aerial in the UK is 1080i min. no idea for the US. We also get SD in the UK and that is very noticeable on a 4k set.

    That upscaling is something only you can square away with yourself on viewing. Mine does a good job. Bear this in mind in case this will be the majority of stuff you watch away from Apple TV. Which of course upscales all outputs to various formats but 4k usually if left to its own devices.

    And don't spend silly money on a HDMI lead you will not need. Salespersons at some outlets in the UK are terrible for pushing overpriced stuff on the unwary.

    Edit. AVS for the US and AV forums in the UK are a good source of info.
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    Oct 28, 2016
    Depends on your budget. Decent brand 4K HDR TV include Panasonic, LG, Sony and Samsung. (No brand arrangement specific, I put Panasonic first not means Panasonic is the best just only this 4 brand I will look into it).

    Get at least year 2017 product.

    Also make sure get a high speed HDMI cable design for 4K, this is very important because standard HDMI cable will lead you to trouble when you set your Apple TV 4K to RGB High or Chroma 4.2.2, I myself experience this when using 2 units of normal no brand standard HDMI cable that experience screen flickering and popping sound once I change to RGB High. No such issue after I temporary change to Panasonic High speed cable I use for my Ultra HD blu-ray player. At the end I get another cable which is Belkin High Speed HDMI for 4K and it also work perfectly. I get Belkin not because it is under Apple site as that time I don't even know yet, I just get a branded high speed HDMI cable that shop have. My country Malaysia no one will push on selling expensive HDMI cable, they just will tell you what they have, decision is your own.

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