Just got iPhone 16gb. Please recommend apps/downloads and help with some Q's

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mjfor40, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. mjfor40 macrumors newbie

    Mar 24, 2008
    Well ZiPhone worked great, this is amazing. Works great with T-Mobile.

    I have a lot of random Q's and hoping folks can help out...

    1) What do I need to download to add downloaded movies (DIVX or .avi) to my iPhone? Have a trip coming up in a few days and would love to throw a few movies on here I ripped/downloaded (not from iTunes)

    2) How does syncing work? (I never did this with my iPods). I use two different computers, but have all my music saved on an external. Can I go computer to computer without auto-syncing? Will I lose everything each time I sync?

    3) How do I transfer my contacts from my Blackberry Pearl (T-Mobile) to my new iPhone? I was so excited, I just plugged in my T-Mobile sim card and realized none of my contacts are showing up. Did I lose them all?

    EDIT - Did some reading and I have Installer on my iPhone but I couldn't get any of the programs to install (always got an error). Really need to get my sim contacts back! ;)

    4) What cool apps should I check out? I'm game for most stuff that would make my life easier or wow me. I'm totally naive as to what's out there.

    5) How do I get Google Talk on my iPhone?

    6) How do I create my own ringtones? Also, are there any more ringtons out there that are standard for cell phones? The ones on the iPhone kinda suck

    7) How or where do I go to get a different theme on my main screen?

    Thanks in advance for the help, I'm new with this.
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    Apr 10, 2006
    Ellicott City, MD
    First, if you were going to unlock/jailbreak, you should have used Pwnage Tool, better and safer than ZiPhone (from what I read that can mess up your baseband?).

    For your questions:
    1. You'll need to convert them to a format iPhone can recognize, use something like Handbrake (free) or VisualHub (not free).

    2. There's a box in iTunes to check to tell it not to auto sync. However it can be associated with only one computer. When you plug it in the other it'll say it's associated with another one. You can get around this by copying your iTunes files from one to the other. I keep mine in sync across 3 computers.

    3. No idea, never had a BB and had AT&T prior to iPhone, sorry.

    4. Totally personal preference. Browse the repositories in Installer and see what you like. The ToDo app I found handy.

    5. You don't (some 3rd party chat apps might support it, but not sure which work with 1.1.4, someone else will have to help with that).

    6. There are hundreds of tutorials online, just Google for it. If you have a Mac, using GarageBand you can do it or in iTunes you can do it by cutting a 30 second sample, saving as AAC, then renaming the extension of the file so it thinks it's a ringtone.

    7. There are apps in Installer for this (Summerboard, Customize)

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