Just got my 128GB StorEdge! How should I format it?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Trubbles, Oct 2, 2013.

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    My PNY StorEdge arrived today! I live in Canada and it's not available here, so I'm grateful that BH Photography in NYC ships to Canada and takes care of duty, and it still managed to come in under retail price! Fits perfectly in the slot, and doesn't even stick out beyond my protective case.

    I have a 15 rMBP w/ a 256GB drive and 100GB of that is for Windows... Then I have a 55GB iPhoto library, enjoy games, and you could say I'm always running out of space! No one likes living with under 10GB of free space!

    I think I want to move my iPhoto library onto there. On the other hand, I want it to be accessible to both Windows 7 and OSX, as I use both regularly.

    Would greatly appreciate any advice on the optimal file system. It came as exFAT.

    Two things have amazed me about it:
    1. The usable capacity is just OVER 128 GB. I thought I'd lose more room to overhead. Wonderful!
    2. According to blackmagic it reads at 86 MB/s and writes at 48-ish with peaks in the 50s. For a device that is occupying, but not sticking out of, my SD card slot and providing me massive extra storage space, that is fast.
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    Oh wow! When I checked on Sept 23 right before I ordered mine it wasn't available anywhere in Canada... at least nothing Google found :( I should have been less lazy. In the end I paid US$178 total. Not bad.

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