Just got my first ATV, now what?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by actripxl, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Ok, so my PS3 died on me when I tried cleaning it (best system I've ever had) but I don't plan on buying another one until black friday to get a good deal on a bundle. In the mean time I just got an ATV so my family can watch Netflix while they are visiting.

    I will be downloading Mountain Lion tonight while they watch the olympics since I would like to use the mirroring to watch Hulu and ESPN3. I have a bunch of DVD's that I want to rip and use them with my ATV, tried it with the PS3 but there was always lag with MP4's unless I first loaded the movies either on the hd or memory stick.

    I also have quite a few Blu-ray's and was wondering if anyone has had success with using an external drive to rip said movies with a Mac and the quality of the stream.
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    There are other programs but IMO, Handbrake is the best program and it's completely free. Just select the Apple TV 3 pre-set and your ready to encode.

    AFAIK, Handbrake only encodes movies (i.e., does not rip protective content)

    I use Make MKV to rip my blu rays. It's free for a month for unlimited blu ray ripping. After that, I think it's $50.

    Check out this thread to get more info:

    What year is your mac that you want to airplay to in Mountain Lion? Only the newer macs will be able to do that (2011 and later)
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    I've been 'testing' my rips for sometime now. I'm ripping (30% or so finished) my DVDs with the 'High-Profile' setting, and now that the fantastic team behind Handbrake has ATV3 presets, that's what I'll use for my BDs.

    I wish that all software devs would be as OCD as the Handbrake team. It's a great product, and it's not even at 1.0 yet, which makes me chuckle

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