Just got my first notebook, review and need advice

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by theimp, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Hey everyone! I just got my second mac, and first mac notebook. I have the 2ghz with 4gigs ram, aluminum macbook. I am amazed by this little guy!

    Everything I've done with it so far has been as fast feeling or faster than my iMac (the white one, 2.16 ghz, 2gigs ram, 256 mb graphics). I am on the last leg of installing wow, ill let you know how it runs later.

    Anyway, no battery cover issue that I can see, but I havent taken off the back yet. No slanty keys either I believe. And I think the glossy background looks pretty, hasn't been an issue so far (I am of that camp that would have bought matte if it were available)

    Anyway, now for advice. As this is my first notebook, I am not what to do to ensure good battery life. I've read some posts about it on the forum, but can't find one definite answer. Last night I let it die to sleep, then plugged it in and went to bed. Now I unplugged it and its at 100% battery life. What should I do to make my battery the best it can be? Like how often should I let the battery run all the way, I would like to have this plugged in most of the time if that doesnt hurt it.


    ps, how do you use someone elses color profile that they post?
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    Well first, I'm glad you love your new MacBook. These instances where people complain about their battery cover being slightly off by a 64th of a milimeter are a bit too OCD for my liking. In time, if you use your notebook as a true portable and let it just "be" then you will soon find that you'll get the occasional scratch and such.

    The slanted keys, another OCD issue to me. I've seen many say it and only one really show it to such an extent that I would return it. I too am of the camp that would have preferred matte but the glossy is nice and as far as I understand so long as you didn't actually compare it to the MBAir screen, then the "wash out" is not as significant. I think there's some wash out, but for some reason I just can't seem to be too bothered by it all. Call me crazy (because I probably am). I don't intend to do any photo editing on this thing so why worry? If I moved from a 30" ACD to the 13" glossy MB screen I would hope someone would come and take my ACD away. ;)

    That said, batteries. Apple suggest that you drain the battery down to the point where it goes into its deep sleep mode. That is, the computer sleeps then the sleep button goes off. Once you plug it in, the screen basically starts to power up (after you press the power button). You'll see a status bar and the screen will start to brighten (it starts up faded). Let it charge fully, you can use it during this time if you wish, and then you'll be good to go. Apple suggests doing this once a month to keep the battery healthy. That's right on their support pages. I tend to agree. I've had very good luck with my PowerBook battery for this very reason. Perhaps I'm a fool, but why mess with something that seems to be working for me?

    As far as using someone else's color profile, you have to search in the library for where profiles are stored. You'll want to just drop that profile in there. I'll have to do it on my MB and then post back here with the path unless someone beats me to it.

    Edit: Here is where someone beat me to it. Thanks NC MacGuy. :)
    Also OP, head over to that whole thread where there are more profiles to be had.

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