Just got my first trackpad and a couple questions about using it in Logic


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Aug 22, 2019
I just bought the magic trackpad 2 and while it works fine in Chrome and on other apps I'm noticing some odd behavior in Logic. For instance:
- Under Look Up & Data Detectors I have tap with three fingers enabled. Now when I'm in Logic all of the force click actions are tap with three fingers instead. Is this normal?
- Force clicking a region to rename it doesn't work
- I have three finger drag enabled under accessibility. Sometimes when I drag select with three fingers and keep one on, it gets stuck in drag select until I lift my index finger off. Same thing happens sometimes when I'm three finger dragging an object. Is this normal?

Any help would be much appreciated. Screen shots included for my settings
Mojave 10.14.6
Logic 10.4.6
2018 Mac Mini 3.2 ghz i7 32 gb ram



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Feb 18, 2018
I can't help with your issue but I wanted to share an app that works with the trackpad called Audioswift. It's amazing. You might like it. Other than that, I don't use force touch in LP so I can't help. Sorry.