Just got my MacBook Trackpad fixed for FREE!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by todd2000, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Not much of a point to this thread other then to share my good experience with Apple. I figured everybody always posts when they are unhappy I thought I would share a good story. A few days ago the button on my Trackpad stopped working right. The right side of the button worked fine, but you had to push really hard on the left side to get it to click. I stopped by the apple store last night just to get an idea of what they could do, I wondered if they could take it apart and clean it or if it needed a new top case or what?

    The Genius who checked me in, and the Genius who helped me both commented on how nice my laptop looked, they both though I had already had the top case replaced once. I told them "No I just take care of it."

    So the Genius looked at it and said "Im just looking to see if the top case is cracked cause that would be covered under the Quality Program ;)" To make a long story short even though my Top Case was in perfect condition he said it was cracked and got the repair covered free of charge even though I was out of warranty!

    I dropped the MacBook off at 7:30 last night, and just got a call at 10:30 this morning that it was done! This was my first repair experience with Apple and it has been a good experience, fast turn-around and a free repair.

    I think the Genius appreciated that I keep my computer in good condition, Im sure if it looked like I had dropped it 300 times with scratches etc... he wouldn't have gotten it fixed for free.

    So anyway just thought I'de share yay!
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    Apple are brilliant when it comes to customer service :D

    My CD drive stopped working a few months ago, and they fixed it for free!

    I took it into an Apple Store at about 13:00, and I got a call a few hours later saying it was ready to pick up.

    Thing is, it was out a year out of warranty, and I didn't even buy it from Apple!

    Brilliant. Thanks Apple! :apple:

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