Just got myself a 50mm 1.8 for the XTi


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Feb 23, 2006
Ontario, Canada
Best thing I could have done with my money. Won't be using the stock lens much anymore :p This thing is great. It is incredibly fast and really makes the image look richer. Takes in lots of light. Of course it isn't 50mm though when it is mountedon the body. It is a little bit more. Great lens though :D


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Jun 16, 2007
That's a great bargain lens, isn't it? Nice and light, and tons of DOF in a small package.


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Feb 27, 2004
Yeah, it really is a great lens. I have four lenses - and the 50mm f/1.8 is by far the most used one.

Eventually I may buy the 35mm f/2 which is also supposed to be very good.


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Jun 5, 2003
Costa Rica
I just got my Rebel XT and this lens this past weekend. So far I've taken over 300 pictures with it, and I love it!!
I've been playing with the DOF quite a bit this week... :D


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Sep 15, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
Of course it isn't 50mm though when it is mountedon the body. It is a little bit more.
Nitpick: actually, it is 50mm when it's mounted on a 400D (XTi, whatever, I'm an Australian, my tendency is to talk about the Australian model names. :D) It doesn't matter whether you have a 50mm lens for a large format camera, medium format camera, 35mm film camera, full frame digital body, 1.3 crop digital body, 1.6 crop digital body, or even a digital compact - it is still a 50mm lens regardless.

What differs is the field of view. The smaller sensor of the 400D means the image created by the 50mm lens is cropped to the centre portion. If you took a picture with the 400D and the 50mm lens, and then took that exact same picture with the exact same lens mounted on the 1D mark 3, and then on the 1Ds mark 2, you'd see that the image created by the 400D is the same as the 1D mark 3's image cropped a little, and the same as the 1Ds image cropped a lot. (I'm ignoring the pixel count for the purpose of this discussion.)

Don't confuse "crop factor" with "focal length multiplier" - the two are not synonymous, and there is a difference between a 50mm f/1.8 on a 1.6 crop body and an 85mm f/1.8 on a full frame body - the latter will have a shallower depth of field, in particular. (It's also a slightly narrower field of view, but not enough to worry about.)