just got the beta invite and have questions

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    I don't use mobile me a ton (just signed up a few weeks ago) but the calendar features are very important to me. At work I have Outlook 2007 and had previously subscribed to my iCal calendar sent from my Macbook. My wife also subscribes to it on her iPhone 3Gs and I have MobileMe running on my 3Gs and iPad.

    From what I understand with the calendar beta, I won't be required to have iCal on the Macbook running in order to push updates let's say from my iPhone to my Outlook calendar. Is that a correct assumption? From what I've gathered reading some other posts, I'll have to go on my Macbook and into iCal to change some settings now that I'm using the beta to just have MobileMe manage changes to my calendar instead of iCal. Is that correct? I didn't see any specific documentation for that set up. If anyone knows what it is or where to find it I'd appreciate the assistance.

    I feel like a kid at Christmas and can't wait to get home from work. Not only is it Friday but all my calendar wishes are coming true ;)

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    Maybe you have figured all this out already.

    1. When you go into your iCal on your Mac it should automatically detect the new beta calendar. They now appear under your MobileMe Email Address.

    2. Yes, you can now Publish your MobileMe Calendar directly from MM Web and not from iCal. Then you can subscribe to it as an Internet Calendar or as CalDAV for those clients that support CalDAV (like the iPad).

    3. For Outlook (I assume on Windows) you have the MobileMe Control Panel to Sync Contacts, Calendar, etc. It is different now but you could have been doing this all along instead of using Subscriptions. I have doing this since day 1.
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    With MM being so simple, it is very confusing!

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