Just got the new MBP - no problems!! Comparison to prev. MBP and pseudo-review inside

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hari-bhari, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. hari-bhari macrumors regular

    Jul 4, 2007
    Just wanted to give a POSITIVE review of mine lest people think all the MBPs are plagued with problems. Mine is perfect, no leaking of backlight, no ripples, no case deformities, no crooked keys, case even on closure, no fan noise, nothing. And I'm pretty damn picky, I've returned 3 MBs and the previous MBP. Oh and yesterday I got 5.5 hrs of battery life while studying and listening to music through headphones, using preview for PDFs viewing and occasionally safari to look stuff up. This was at half brightness and 9400m graphics. My last MBP lasted 4hrs with the same usage. Oh and I only had to pay 1600 for it off eBay after the 200 dollar MSFT cashback, I sold my last MBP for 1750 including applecare =)

    My last MBP was a matte screen, and I put them both side by side at full brightness and the new one was more vivid and a tad brighter as well. No yellowing while looking at an angle. No headphone R2D2 beeping noise, but still some static hiss at low volumes (at one volume bar and 1/3 volume in winamp, the static volume is about equal to song volume to give you an idea, not very severe). Sad thought that I never had any hissing on my macbook, oh well, I'll live with it.

    Also this laptop is running about 5 degrees cooler based on istat, and the case FEELS cold, I haven't felt any heat yet from the top, like i did with the last MBP while charging. Haven't tried it in my lap yet.

    Ordered the bestskinsever shell that I had for my MBP, will post pictures when it comes it. But it looks like the finish on this is tougher so I may not even need it.

    Finally, this thing is SOLID. It definitely feels heavier even though its only a half pound more, it feels like a brick. you could kill someone with this laptop. Go to he store and pick one up if you get a chance.

    Battery this morning took more than 4 hours to a full charge though after full discharge and very light use this morning, even though last MBP only took about 3hrs after full discharge. My capacity right now is 4704 out of 4600, I'll keep monitoring it.

    Feel free to ask any questions. All in all, I am a happy camper.
  2. Marcquito macrumors member


    Jul 6, 2008
    Is the Live.com cashback instant or do they send you a check after a few weeks?
  3. joystik macrumors member

    Oct 15, 2005
    i think they send it after 60 days. I didnt know about live.com when i purchased. But I still got a deal 2275 for a brand new sealed mbp and 3 years apple care :D 2.53ghz
  4. Scepticalscribe Contributor


    Jul 29, 2008
    The Far Horizon
    Congrats on your wonderful new MBP, enjoy it, and may you and your MBP live long and prosper together.

    Cheers and good luck
  5. hari-bhari thread starter macrumors regular

    Jul 4, 2007
    damn i spoke too soon. rattle from the left fan comes and goes. guess it must be a loose bearing, but if i tilt the laptop i can hear it. its def the fan because if i boost the fan speed it gets louder. a few smacks on the bottom makes it go away. guess i will take it in this weekend, but i dont want a replacement because i dont have any other problems with this and i dont want a dud.
  6. MVApple macrumors 6502a

    Jul 18, 2008
    Theres some guy on youtube talking about the 1st gen Macbook Air and his only real complaint he said was that if you tilt the macbook air while the fan is on, it hits something inside and you can hear the fan rattling.

    I wonder if this isn't a design flaw more than a defect.

    Can any other owners comment on what happens if you tilt your macbook pro while the fans are running?
  7. sjacarter macrumors member


    May 20, 2007
    Ordered Oct 24, arrived Nov. 3 in Iqaluit Nunavut

    Just got my MBP stock yesterday, no problems at all! Seems Perfect! Love it. Moving form a 2.0 blackbook( my Fiancee has now calmed it ) to the new macbook pro! ITs amazing! Have a Bullt NY case as well. ITs very nice! display adapter (DVI) and Belkin card reader should be here tomorrow!:D

    Im one happy camper apple:apple::D

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