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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Phatzer, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Nov 3, 2007

    If you're not interested in what I think, then skip the thread...

    So I queued up at Milton Keynes Apple Store yesterday from 5:30AM and walked out with a Black 16 GB iPhone 4 at about 10:00AM. I've found the only set-back to be iTunes being a bit sluggish on synchronising, that's about it.

    The antenna issue appears not to be causing me any issues, on the contrary, my mobile and Wifi reception is far improved superior to my previous 3G. I'd also like to add that I'm right-handed (there you go, you've leaned something about me!) and I never hold the phone in the way demonstrated to be detrimental to the reception, so I can't say I'm at all phased by the threads about it.

    The phone is seriously fast compared to my old 3G, although I guess it's to be expected. I also agree that the phone feels delicate, but that's such a quality compared to earlier models and competing devices. I'd say that I am concerned about dropping it, but I would be with any expensive device. After all, it's a well-designed, well-built smartphone, not a power ball. I am considering an outer case for it, but it's also such a shame given the look of it.

    What I have found, however are more of sound things... The speaker and microphone have been swapped around, so covering the speaker should be more difficult now when the phone is in landscape and home button on the right.

    Also, if like me you have a pair of Apple in-ear headphones with the remote and mic, the volume controls also work on the iPhone 4, which they didn't before. This is pretty cool and saves me from getting dirty paw-prints on the volume buttons!

    Oh, and the LED flash on the phone is more powerful than I thought it'd be, but no it's not perfect, but I'm not one to clip a flash gun to the top of my phone!

    EDIT: The volume goes deathly loud over my old 3G on iOS 4 :)

    Again, it's only what I think, you may agree or disagree.
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    I'm inclined to agree with most of what you've said. I had the same feelings about the phone re. cases etc. I went out and got a bumper, and i'd recommend them to anyone looking for a bit of protection for the iphone. Steep price, but worth it.

    I'm sure though there are knock-offs available.

    Anyway thanks for you thoughts.

    In short, yes, i agree.

    Oh and if you have GTA have you played it on the new iphone, it's flippin fast!
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