Just one padcast refuses to sync


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Mar 28, 2008
Manchester UK
iTunes downloads my podcasts and I sync them to my iOS devices. I keep the last 3 podcast episodes.

However one podcast (the phones show) has stopped synching to my iOS devices even though it's there in iTunes.

I've tried deleting it. Re downloading it. Re synching etc etc but nothing happens.

I am not using Apple's terrible podcast app and I don't want to install any other software.

Any ideas why just this one podcast fails to sync? It worked fine for years before and all my other podcasts sync fine.

Not sure it its got something to do with iOS 6.


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Mar 11, 2012
Haugesund, Norway
There is some kind of a sync problem with iTunes. I've had a problem with songs not synchronizing both with iOS5 and iOS6, so I believe the problem to be in iTunes, because some songs and albums won't sync. I actually went from 1030 to 1028 songs the other day when I only wanted to add a new album..
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