Just ordered a 2.2


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Jun 24, 2007
South Yorkshire
I thought I'd post to say I've just ordered a 2.2 MBP with the 7200 drive and I was told it would ship around the 12th, so I guess they're a little bit behind what the website says. Also I was told the glossy screen added another 3 days, so I guess they're still running short of those as well.

I ordered with an educational discount and surprisingly I was told to send proof after the order had gone through rather than before.

I paid with Visa and just realised there might be a CC charge of 2% or something, which would be £300 of my total purchase :eek: so I just emailed the guy to check... anyone like to fill me in quickly?

I'll post when I get my MBP, hopefully to say what a perfect machine it is.

Logic Pro was a nice £279 instead of £699... yay student discount!

- Jamie