Just ordered a Mac Pro - what to do when it arrives?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Rokusaburo, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Hey gang.
    I just ordered my very first mac, the almighty Mac Pro!!! Can't wait for this baby to arrive. My specs: 2.66Ghz Quad, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1900XT, 250GB HDD, Airport+Bluetooth & a brand spankin' new 23" ACD.

    I should be getting the ACD in a week or so and the Mac Pro a week after that. I'm pretty familiar with OS X (I've used it a lot before), but this being my first Mac, I was wondering what I should do when it arrives.

    Should I let it run for a while before I install anything (I'll be putting Final Cut Studio, Creative Suit 2, etc on it). What about Bootcamp and Parallels?

    Do I need to check for any updates? Firmware or anything like that?

    Also, as I said, the ACD should arrive a week before the Mac Pro, but my current PC doesn't have DVI so I won't be able to use it. I bought AppleCare, but if I install the display a week after I get it and there's a problem with it (i.e. dead pixels), would I still be able to return it?

    Thanks all in advance.
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    so first the obvious ones...

    unpack it. plug it in. turn it on.

    maybe it is just me, but i enjoy the smell of the new machine.

    i believe parallels has to be bought so i guess you can't install it immediately.

    go through the setup and install all your apps. no need waiting. the mac pro is a work horse and no wait horse.

    then check some updates for the os and apps.

    the last time i checked, apple includes a vga-dvi cable, so you could use your standard monitor until the acd comes.

    re: dead pixels, i believe the display has to have a minimum of 3 dead pixels, so you can be allowed to receive a replacement.

    enjoy the mac pro.
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    Run it for a while and then run Apple Hardware Test on it from the DVD -- BEFORE you install any non-Apple software or hardware. If there are any problems, you want to uncover them before you add things that will make it harder to diagnose / prove warranty.

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