Just Ordered My First Desktop Mac


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I've been eyeing a PM for a year. I had started thinking about switching 5/03. I bought (instead) two PBs (one 10/04, the other 3/05) as the mobility was more immediately useful and the PBs were/are more affordable to boot. Well, finally the PM has been ordered (last night) and is in Apple's queue.

PowerMac Dual 2.0 GHz
+wireless package
+ATI X850
+Apple Cinema Display 23"
+iPod color 20GB (Student Union deal)
+dock for the above (already have lots of FW-Dock cables)
+Airport Express (for the EyeHome below)

From OWC
+2x1GB RAM (Total 2.5GB RAM)

From Amazon
+Elgato EyeTV 200
+Elgato EyeHome
+Sonnet FW800-FW400 adapter (so I can plug the ACD's firewire cable into the FW800 slot; when I buy a FW800 ext hard drive, I'll buy a LaCie PCI FW800 card)

Any thoughts? Items of concern, tips to note? My biggest fear is a dead pixel or two; that would be quite a fly in the ointment :(

Well it all will converge on this apt between tomorrow and the end of next week... and then play time really begins! :D