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    As the title states I just ordered my iPhone 4s. I ordered a 64 Gig White unit through AT&T. Why I had to wait this long is a complicated story.

    I wanted to order on launch day, but as was the case with many, my contract would not allow it. I called the 611 number to see if I could get it moved from November 18 to October 18, (I knew from reading posts on here that they would not move it more than 30 days), and this was set up.

    I made sure that all my ducks were lined up in a perfect row, checking that there would be enough money in my checking account to cover the credit card charge etc. Made sure that I had backed up all info and had upgraded to IOS5 etc. I checked everything ---- except paying my bill.

    Yep, you guessed it. On October 18 when I went to order I found out that I could not because of the unpaid bill, and would have to wait until November. Oh, woe!!!

    However, I decided that I would learn patience and just wait. Then after paying that bill and the next one that came in as soon as the e-mail arrived for it, and setting up the account for automatic billing, I decided to see if I could get them to change their mind and let me order.

    I spent a bit of time working up reasons that they should allow me to order before November 18 and came up with three that I thought would be acceptable.

    1. If I had the new iPhone with Siri I would most likely not have forgotten to pay the bill. (The Rep laughed and agreed with me on this.)

    2. Even if I was to order the phone today I still would not likely receive it before November 18. (The rep agreed with me on this as according to her there is a 21 to 28 day wait.)

    3. If I had to wait until November 18 to order and there was still a long wait for delivery then this could be construed as cruel and unusual punishment for my sin of forgetfulness.

    I also planned to call once or twice an evening until I found a rep who would agree with me and let me order without the $250 charge for early out of the contract. This was the first call I made and after she was gone for about 5 minutes to get the OK for the upgrade she came back and took the order.

    So now the fun begins of waiting for it to arrive. I may run a pool at work on the chances of me receiving it before Thanksgiving.

    I actually had a happy Halloween.
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    Congratulations in advance. I has been skeptical on using my upgrade coming from the iPhone 4 and order the 64 in white. I hate waiting so I think I'm going to wait till Apple have them available in stores. My upgrade is not till November 24th.

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