Just over 100GB gone missing? :s

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    Nov 21, 2010
    Hey guys,

    Ok, so I'll jump right into my problem.

    I had about 100GB left of free space and I've basically lost about 100GB of space. I'm not sure if it was an update, and if it was, what the hell took 100GB?

    Yesterday I updated my Mac, I had around about 100GB left, and just before going to bed I clicked the "Install then Shut Down" command.

    So I've came back on it today and I have 156MB left...I've cleaned some space now and have 6.5GB, but seriously, I've never heard of any update(s) taking up 100GB. From what I remember I had Safari, iTunes, RAW picture import and that's it, all the other updates I didn't download as I uninstalled the programs now as I don't use them.

    So my question is, how do I find out where this random space has been lost? I have 20GB in my Libary folder but because I'm not a MAC wizz I don't want to be messing around deleting things I assume I don't use any more. My applications folder has 18.5GB but everything in that folder I use.
    So is there a way or a program out there that I can run or download that will tell me what I don't use any more but still have installed or just lying about on my system?
    Is there also a program that can delete a load of rubbish off my MAC to free some space as well?
    Or, even better, a program that does both of those in one?

    So please can someone help me with this as it is very frustrating, any advice, checking in this folder, clearing this etc, anything to aid in trying to find out what has happened!

    I know this space hasn't judt randomly floated off, but it is very strange that all that space I had has dissapeared.

    Thank you to those that can provide feedback and assistance.
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    Nov 21, 2010
    Ah, thank you gks, you are what my children's children shall be talking of in ages to come!

    That sorted my problem, what a great program!

    Found out what it was. In AVID when adding movies to my bins it makes renders of them so I don't have to re-render every time I open the program, just a shame it makes render files at about 20 - 30GB per movie.

    Thank you anyway.

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