Just picked up the 13" MBA... have a question about formatting.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by vincewchan, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    Hey guys/gals.

    I've been anticipating for the new generation MBA however I picked up a used MBA (for a month; friend visited California from Mexico and didn't realize the keyboard layout was for US and not Mexico).

    She offered it for me for $850 cash and I couldn't resist since the retail was $1599 before tax. (It's practically brand new)

    Anyway, I read the guide above this forum "Complete Steps to Reformatting your MBA" as it could free up to ~8GB of HD space.


    What I'm a bit confused is that the guide states you can reformat via
    1) Remote Install using another computer's DVD drive
    2) SuperDrive or some other USB-connected external DVD drive

    I did a bit of research on google and the forum, it states if you have the newer MBA, the OSX is within the HD recovery partition ( https://discussions.apple.com/message/17280972#17280972 )

    Is the method stated in the link above the same as the method(s) in the Macrumors guide on how to reinstall OS X?

    Would like to free up ~8GB even though I'm on the 256GB HD.

    Thanks guys! (BTW I'm in LOVEEEEEEE with the MBA!!!)
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    Mar 18, 2011
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    Most of the 8Gb that you will gain is from languages and unneeded drivers, think about running "Monolingual" this program permanently deletes any other language except your native.
  3. vincewchan thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2009
    Los Angeles
    Awesome, thank you.

    I also want to reinstall OSX because she has a lot of programs installed in Spanish and I'd like to have that piece of mind I'm starting fresh again.

    Do I reinstall OSX mentioned here (https://discussions.apple.com/message/17280972#17280972) or would I need the DVD


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