Just purchased a Mac 512K - Back to my original Mac!

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Lumpydog, Jan 19, 2009.

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    My first Mac (actually my first computer) was a Mac 512K - I took it to college with me and used it for four years - a great Mac that served me well. I took unreal good care of it - stored it a my folks... and they tossed it. I eventually went to Business school and that required a Windows PC (I know....). Anyway, last year I had had enough of Windows/PCs and went back to Mac - I took my family with me and we now have 5 Macs in our household with a 6th on the way.

    The 6th and latest addition is special to me - I found it on ebay - an original Mac 512K - being sold by the original owner... She used to for 3-4 years and stored it. It looks to be in excellent condition. I have some questions:

    1) This is my first vintage Mac - anything I need to do before firing her up?

    2) Are there instructions on how to open her up somewhere? I ordered a new EPROM battery - the original is surely toast.

    3) What else should I consider....


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    pictures or it didnt happen!! jk, thats exciting. just plug it in and fire it up! it will make this cute little beep noise.
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    She says: "Has been in storage for over 10 years, but it worked last time it was powered up." Harumpf. She couldn't be bothered to plug the thing in and hit the power switch?

    A disassembly site (for the SE/30, but largely the same for the 512) is here:
    The failure you're most likely to run into is dried capacitors. They'll manifest themselves as a satisfying "pop!" sound when you turn the machine on (or after a period of use). It'll be really obvious once you open the case where the failure occurred. :) Look for evidence of deformed or leaking capacitors while in there.
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    I agree here... She said the last time she fired it up was 1992... However, she has been very genuine in her communications... I was looking for a one owner 512K in very good condition that had not been modified, moved a lot or abused. Yes, she did not fire it up, but I'm betting it will work.

    Some of the info she sent me about the 512K:

    Me: What is the serial number?
    Her: I did decode the serial # - "Your Macintosh 512
    (M0001W), with serial number F4380XJM0001W, was
    the 1072d manufactured during the 38th week of
    1984 in Fremont, CA.

    Me: What software is including with it?
    Her: I found MacWrite and MacPaint, MacHome (an inventory and financial app), Spellswell, and the MacEnhancer software.

    Me: Is the external floppy an 800K drive?
    Her: Yes

    Me: When did you purchase it and how long was it in use? How
    was it used? College? Home?
    Her: I purchased it in 1985 and used it until 88 or 89. It was my home computer. I'm not sure when it was last powered up, but I'd guess 1992.

    Me: Is it stock? Did you ever upgrade it in any way?
    Her: I believe it is stock

    She signs her emails "Grandmother, Photographer, Hiker...." I Googled her as well - she's an older woman from CO - I'm thinking she's not a scammer...
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    On the moon.

    Normally with this kind of thing, when people say that "Worked last time powered up", that normally means its dead.

    Which in this case happened to be right, unfortunately. (looking at the feedback given)

    I've always personally felt that if the person isnt willing to take 2 minutes, plug it in and turn the damned thing on, they dont deserve my business.

    I hope you're able to get at least part of your money back.
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    As an old mactech that repaired countless power/sweep boards, I may be able to help (a little).

    With no peripherals (no mouse, no keyboard etc) when you flick the power switch, what do you see or hear? Check for a faint constant ticking noise in a quiet room if nothing seems to happen.

    How good are you with a soldering iron and multimeter?

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    Saw this post and had to show my baby... Still works perfectly.

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