Just received my iPhone 2g from ebay; I'm confused about activation. Please help!

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by vader1990, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. vader1990 macrumors regular

    Sep 23, 2008

    I just got my iPhone 2g that I ordered from ebay, and when I got it today I turned it ON, and apparently I cannot access any of its features without a SIM card? I know I need to unlock the phone so that I can use a T-Mobile SIM card to call people, but I though I should still be able to access all the other features--ipod, safari, wi-fi, etc--but when I turn it ON, it says something like, NO SIM found, please insert one to activate...

    How do I get around this? My contract with verizon is not due to expire for another month; I thought I could use the iphone as an ipod, and wi-fi web browsing until then, but it won't let me do that...

    Can you guys please guide me? Please be specific.

    Thank you very much for you help!!
  2. megamanbnmaster macrumors 6502

    Jan 26, 2008
    You cannot use the iPhone for anything unless you activated it. You need to download quickpwn and hacktivate it. (there are guides all over this website in doing so)
  3. vader1990 thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 23, 2008

    Is there any way to "unlock" or "activate" the iphone WITHOUT jaikbreaking it? I'm not interested in any of the programs that jailbreaking offers, and I simply don't want to do that right now.

  4. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    Unfortunately, I don't think so. Your choice is either jailbreak it now, so you can use it as an iPod until your contract is up and you get your SIM from your new service provider, or keep it in a drawer until then.

    On second thought, did you say you want to use it with T-mobile? What country are you in? If you are in the US, you'll have to jb it anyway if you want to use it with a provider other than AT&T.
  5. davyreins macrumors 6502

    Jul 10, 2008
    Ann Arbor
    For an iPhone to be unlocked it has to be jailbroken. To use the phone on any carrier besides AT&T it has to be unlocked.
  6. vader1990 thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 23, 2008
    ok, fine, I'll jaikbreak it. I was looking at the quickpwn tutorial, and it tells me to first restore my phone to 2.2. Well...the phone doesn't have a SIM card in it al all...so itunes doesn't recognize my iphone! What do I do now? I plugged it into itunes, and it gave me an error because of the sim...

    Help! Thanks guys!
  7. ppc750fx macrumors 65816

    Aug 20, 2008
    Put it in DFU mode, then restore the stock firmware.

    Actually, I'd recommend that you build a custom firmware using PwnageTool instead, as it will allow you to skip the "restore to stock" step.
  8. Edwin124 macrumors member

    Jan 13, 2009
    Put the phone in recovery mode, turn the phone off and then hold the home button as you plug it in, it'll recognize the phone in recovery mode, it'll then ask you to restore, when u do this hold the shift button then hit restore, it'll then bring up a window and just click on the 2.2 firmware that you should have dl'd already off the quickpwn site

    Hope this helps
  9. vader1990 thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 23, 2008
    Should I put it in recovery or DFU mode? Can someone please clarify?

    Also can some one tell me EXACTLY how to put it in whichever mode is needed for iTunes?

    Keep in mind, the Phone has NO sim at all...

    Thanks a lot guys!!
  10. mastershakess macrumors 6502

    May 14, 2008
    Bel Air, MD
    Download Quickpwn, it will take you through all the steps. It is very easy and very simple.
  11. Edwin124 macrumors member

    Jan 13, 2009
    for the restore you have to put it in recovery mode, which is when you turn off the phone, hold home (w/ the phone off) and hook it up to your pc when it restores and you're doing quickpwn is when you need to put it in DFU mode, and quickpwn will take you through the steps on how to do it...its SUPER easy

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