Just visiting... obtained brand-new MDD parts and more!

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    Hey, everyone! Long time, no-see. I recently obtained some Mac-related items, and I suddenly thought of you guys here and wanted to share my finds.

    Although I am not necessarily collecting much anymore, I did happen to come across some free items for which I have made exceptions. (My own mother actually contacted me from home and let me know about some Apple monitors she found at a closing store, hahah. I ended up with a Blueberry CRT and 22" Cinema Display. Thought I might as well get the CRT, as nobody else would. Also, I hadn't played with one before.)

    This, however, is mainly regarding some items that I found at my university. The crown jewels were two Apple displays, which include another 22" Cinema Display and a whopping 23" Apple HD Cinema display (which is a 2002 display running at 1920x1200 resolution); various smaller Apple products (including USB keyboards and two Apple Extended II keyboards); and a brand-new MDD power supply and HDD-cage fan!I'll have some of the items pictured below. I was especially surprised to see the new MDD parts! They've never been used. I am thinking of bringing them home and testing them out in my own MDD; then, I will choose whether I install them into the MDD and sell the used ones or just test them and sell them as brand-new.

    (Additionally, the places from which I obtained these items has multiple classic Macs locked up in a cage, outside. I guess it's against policy to simply dump machines that contain data. Sad.)

    Glad to drop by,
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    Unfortunately, the 23" display suffers from a common issue where the edges of the display have a pink-ish tone to them. It's very light, but it's noticeable. I was so disappointed, I almost considered taking on a summer project to put a modern panel into the display, but I would have a hard time finding a new panel that fits the same dimensions. Thankfully, though, the 22" display works just fine (but, of course, it's slightly smaller and runs at a lower resolution). I am currently using the 23" display alongside my main one, on my 4,1 Mac Pro (which became a 12-core 5,1 semi-recently). It's otherwise fine, since I am not having it as my main display. I don't need to get ticked-off by having that pinkish look on my main desktop. (And, by the way, I sold off other free junk and was able to obtain a brand-new GTX 1060 6GB for the Mac Pro! The PPC days are long over for me.)

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    Nice! Those displays are really nice. Can you please post a photo of the Blueberry CRT? :)
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    I just dropped $40 on a used MDD PSU for my dual 1.25 that has needed one for over a year. Hoping I can repair the one I pull because the 1.42 I've got also has a flaky PSU.
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    I am actually not at home, where the display is located - I'm at my university. However, I have a video about it on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/maccollectorZ
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