just wanted to thank apple in a public place


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Apr 3, 2003
Studio City
I dropped my iPhone out of my car window today, not a scratch on it, except the black plastic part fell off.
I went to the Sherman Oaks Apple Store, without a reservation. The people there are so nice! I told them my story, what happened, even offered to pay for the service... They just gave me a new phone! I couldn't believe it.

I just wanted to share how amazing Apple is, and that their customer service has (except once) been completely helpful and polite. I really feel they often go above and beyond the call. NO other company would give service like that to someone for free. Go apple!!


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Jul 2, 2005

Hehe :)

But yes, I am one to, and I can attest, usually, (not always) but usually, the customer service is awesome!!

Hehe I remember one time at the Genious Bar a girl came up with her ipod, it was in her purse at the time, and she comes in and sits and SLAM! Her purse just hits the bar! (Okay it was not that loud but if I had an iPhone or iPod in there I would be worried!) Well sure enough a few seconds later out pops her iPod from her purse and she complains that it doesnt work, the Genius looks at it and tells her its a hardware problem and that it is out of warrenty, and looks to be accidental, not faulty hardware. She proceeds to tell a story about how much she takes care of it and doesn't ever do a thing to it and it is like her baby.. blah blah.. And the Apple Genius just said, Um, No, can't do anything! The girl I would say was around 15.

Then a little while later an adult around the age of 40 or so came up with his broken iPod and was very kind to begin with. However, when they told him that the iPod was also out of warrarnty and they could not take it, he actually began to get angry and told them that it was not his fault, that it just fell as he was coming out of the car, and the iPod is a portable device, it should take that... blah blah.. and he was getting a little flustered. Well the Genius told him that his iPod had a visible dent and that the cases were strong and shouldnt have dents at all unless serious stuff happens. Well the guy became a little more ticked and after more talking the Genius replaced his iPod!!

It's prejudice agaisnt us youg'ins!

Ahh... The things Apple Does... :/


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Jul 6, 2007
Wash DC suburbs
judging from the anecdotes on this forum I would say that if you buy an iPhone, buy it from an Apple store, not AT&T.


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Jun 5, 2007
I dropped my iPhone out of my car window today, not a scratch on it, except the black plastic part fell off.
I went to the Sherman oaks apple store, no reservation. The people there are so nice! I told them what happened... They just gxve me a new phone! I couldn't beleive it.

I just wanted to share how amazing apple is, and that their customer service has always (except once) been completly amazing. NO company would do that for someone. Go apple!!
Great post. I appreciate them as well. I am fortunate to live near the 24 hour Apple Store in NYC. My first test with Apple was when my MBP made an awful propeller-like noise. I called Apple, made an appointment at 11pm, bought Pro Care and my computer was repaired and ready the next morning (actually at 2am). So no matter what, I cannot think of another company that offers 24-hour computer and PHONE support.

Plus, not to sound xenophobic, but it's very important to me to speak the same native language as the person helping me. At Apple's stores, I have always been helped by people who speak fluent English and are not reading scripts. That's worth the price of admission!


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Jul 10, 2006
yey for sherman oaks

i second the op... I love apple store sherman oaks... I had my mom's macbook superdrive replaced at around 1pm, and they called me around 6pm the same day to tell me that's its ready for pick up... I was amazed, since the apple store San Francisco took a week to replace the top casing on mine.. then just recently, I had my top casing replaced again because part of it cracked (apple sfo's fault, long story), and i told them that i really need it done fast, since i'm only in los angeles for a few days. I checked it in monday at noon, told them i'd be leaving on friday morning, it was done tuesday. How can I help not being a fanboy(girl in my case) with service like that? I felt so grateful I decided to thank them by buying an iphone...


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Mar 8, 2005
Washington D.C
Wow, the genius I talked today said no replacement for a dead pixel(he couldn't even see it :rolleyes:)

Call Apple tonight, they said I can indeed get a new one!