Just years before the Computer and OS Battle + rants

Discussion in 'macOS' started by slooksterPSV, Jun 9, 2005.

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    Looks like this day is closing in on us now. Who will buy what, because of what reason, etc.

    With Mac's currently being all ported over to Intel processors - costs (I would assume) would be cut by at least 15% - at least your electricity bill. But what will this mean for Windows XP - or better yet, Longhorn which is scheduled to be out by next year. With Mac's coming out as Intel based processors, and with the possible advent of Windows running on a Mac, will people buy Mac's for dual compatibility for Windoze and OS X Leopard/Tiger (10.5/10.4)???

    I think we'll see a huge profit gain for Apple. What do you guys think???

    -----My Rant about how they could do things differently or what may be-----
    OS X, as we know, uses OpenGL, and don't get me wrong. OpenGL is good, the graphics are just beautiful and amazing. Most think that DirectX will have to be ported over to OpenGL, but they could create their own little Rosetta translator. I don't think it would be too hard. The developement would take a year or two, but it may be worth it. Or they could create DirectX OS X Version. Optimize it using Quartz etc.

    Drivers. God I hate drivers. They are the worst. Guess what? Intel based macs? No more plug and play for OS X, you now have to have drivers! GEEZE THIS IS WHY OS X WAS EASIER IN THE FIRST PLACE. No more messy files with drivers, just plug-in, play, and go. Now with installation of new graphics cards, etc. you now have to have a "driver". Maybe Apple will support these drivers and upload them into their updates e.g. ATI X1500-D2 (ATI X 1500 GDDR 2 RAM - just made it up) drivers in OS X (10.5.2, 10.5.5, etc.). With HDD space being huge, you can't afford not too.

    16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, classic support??? Classic will not be supported after 10.4, when Leopard comes out, classic will be history as far as we all know. Just like Windows did with 16-bit, and maybe (proally not) 32-bit when Longhorn comes out - thats right, longhorn is a 64-bit OS, with WOW32 compatibility. I'm still a Windows Guru, so I know these things. WOW is an emulation layer. With VirtualPC, its getting faster to emulate things. Now how will they support emulation of classic? I think someone (Apple should do this) start on working on a Classic emulator that at least emulates it to at least 50% of the speed of native. Things just are being pushed into coded emulators just so people can use old things they still like. Heck, I have an OS 8.6 Mac Classic II in the closet in my sisters bedroom. Monitor is like 80 pounds.

    Viruses??? I figure with this advent turn we'll see a 60% increase in Apple viruses. (Let's say that there's 5% of x amount of windows viruses, that means that .05 * .6 = .3 + original .05 so with an increase of at least 35% of viruses out on Apple with in 3 years.) From the "Windows lovers" and "Linux Lovers". Think what the kids would look like if Windows and Linux mated. A glass Penguin in 4 sections of a 4 section window pane. Ewwww.
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    I think you're a little mistaken. The Classic II was an all-in-one, and could run up to OS 7.6.1. A PowerPC is required for 8.6.

    Um, OK :confused:

    Anyway, I don't see where the driver complaint comes from. The PowerPC systems require drivers, and the drivers are included with the OS. The Intel systems will be exactly the same. The CPU's changed, but the OS hasn't. It's the same OS, recompiled for Intel, and will work in exactly the same way.

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