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    Feb 24, 2004
    Just got a K800i with 02. Nice phone, nice shape, nice interface - just nice! Anyway, installed the K800i plugin mentioned on MacOSXHints.com (http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20060817214102586), paired it with my Mac and synced up. Lovely. Shame the Address Book SMS or Dial feature dosen't work, but I might re-read Rui's tutorial on iSync plugins and try and figure something out (http://the.taoofmac.com/space/HOWTO/Write iSync Phone Plugins).

    Questions! Where can I get free K800i or Sony Ericsson themes from? And not via WAP because that costs a fortune, download to computer and stick on the memory stick or bluetooth only!
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    Jan 14, 2006

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