Karabiner or Scroll Reverser for OS X 10.9.5

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  1. alex0002, Jan 6, 2015
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    I’m trying to set the scroll direction of the scroll wheel on my Logitech mouse. I'm using it with my 2011 macbook pro which also has a trackpad. What I want is for the trackpad to use the default OS X "natural" scrolling, which is the same direction scrolling as on a smartphone. But for the mouse, I’d like reverse/traditional scrolling, the same as you’d find in windows or linux defaults.

    It seems that when I change the scrolling for the mouse under preferences, it affects the trackpad too.

    It looks like others have found the same problem and the main options appear to be Karabiner or Scroll Reverser.


    Both appear to under active development and are free/open source.


    I’m tending towards installing Karabiner at the moment, as it appears to have more active developers and more commits to github. Perhaps it has also has lot more features than I need right now.

    Did anyone try both these and prefer one over the other?
    Which one is best?
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    dont know the scroll reverser, but I use karabiner since forever to remap my eject key to something useful since i removed the dvd drive. works just fine, never had problems with it.

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