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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by m85476585, Jun 29, 2009.

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    My iPod touch developed a strange problem today. It started not playing the vocals on any of my songs. Most of the music still plays, though, and some songs are better than others. I tried rebooting it, but I don't think it's a software issue.

    I found this that describes my problem almost exactly:

    Apparently one of the contacts in the headphone jack broke, so now it is only playing the difference between the left and right channels. My warranty expired a month ago (of course), so I took it apart. I don't think I can replace the headphone jack, but I found the contacts it is soldered to. Unless someone has a better solution (like if this is a common problem and there is a trick to fix it), I'll probably solder a new headphone jack on and have it sticking out the side. Maybe then Apple will replace it out of embarrassment if I show it to them!
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    Well, I fixed it. I gave up on trying to fix the built-in jack, so I just soldered a new headphone jack on. There are 4 solder points next to the built-in jack, from the top they are switch, left, right, and ground. The switch pin tells the iPod if headphones are plugged in. It is low (floating) when there are no headphones and about 1.6V when they are plugged in. I don't know where the 1.6V comes from, so I just stuck a piece of plastic in the old headphone jack to make the ipod think there are headphones plugged in. The new jack sticks out the bottom. I Dremeled out a hole for it, and even though the case doesn't completely close in that corner, it looks OK. I can still use the original headphone jack for karaoke if I pull the plastic out.

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    Just an update... the headphone jack I soldered on finally broke. The edge of the case cut into the wire, and it finally came off completely. It lasted 7 months, which is not bad for a quick fix that I expected to last maybe a month. Audio still works using my USB+line out dock cable, so I can listen to music in my car (while it charges, too). Maybe I can hack something that connects to the dock line out lines and allows for volume control for headphones.

    At the very least I still have a nice mini internet/gaming tablet (a miniPad, if you will). I can listen to music on my $5 MP3 player, and I can make phone calls on my cheap phone! Everything the iPhone can do in three separate devices, but many times cheaper! On the bright side, this is a good excuse to buy a new Arrendale MBP this summer, assuming they are out in time for the student discount and assuming the student discount still includes a free iPod Touch.

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