Karma Beats Temper Tantrum

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MultiM, Mar 15, 2007.

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    May 9, 2006
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    This will be long winded, but I'm saying Mea Culpa! I'm leaving my doctors' yesterday after getting an emergency appointment for a very painful condition (gout). I managed to find a parking spot beside an empty handicap spot and I parked centered in my spot. I come out from my appointment and some moron has backed into the handicapped spot on an angle and has left me about 10 inches space to get the driver's door open. My temper blows because I'm in a lot of pain and I have at this time NO patience for stupid people. I can barely squeeze between the vehicles and I get filthy doing so. I slam my door several times into the crap mini-van hoping to hell I damage it severely. I'm not usually like that but I had reached the absolute end of my tether. I snapped and I agree that my behaviour was terrible. Here's karma getting even: When I got home, I opend my back door and it got caught on the front door where I bent it slamming it into ( and not damaging) the other vehicle. Now I have to get my car fixed so I can use my back door again. What goes around, comes around and I get what I deserve.:rolleyes:

    Any other Karma stories out there?
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    wow...that's a good one.

    hope you're feeling better, though. :)

    i think this would count as karma....here goes...

    three summers ago i had just been dumped by a guy that i was head-over-heels crazy for. he didn't ever tell me a reason, he just up and left and broke my heart. i wished all kinds of ill will for him...not bodily harm, just crappy luck and things.

    i was going to my parents' house one evening to get away from the loneliness, and i was blaring (don't laugh) dashboard confessional and crying a little. i was pretty torn up. :rolleyes: i was stopped at a red light in my little honda civic (which i had bought a month prior) and i looked in my rear view mirror just in time to watch a ford F150 super duty slam into my rear end.

    i was alright, just shaken...the other guy's insurance bought my car a new back end. and i learned an important lesson about karma. ;)

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