Kaspersky 2011 and mac OS X7.2 killed my MacBook pro

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Maccyd, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Maccyd macrumors newbie

    Dec 29, 2011
    Ok, so I'm nw here and fairly new to macs. I've got a MacBook pro from the latter part of 2011 and had been running snow leopard quite happily but because I wanted to use iCloud I updated to lion. I had been running the kaspersky 2011 lab on snow leopard and all was well. After the update to lion the kaspersky stopped working. The icon was there but it wouldn't open. I checked their website and they said it was compatible with lion so I tried to reinstall it after uninstalling it. I now know that was a mistake and I should have quit when I was ahead after the uninstall. It wouldn't reinstall and it just crashed the computer - completely. No force quit allowed. Had to power it off and after that the disk wouldn't come out (eventually fixed that by restarting while doing the equivalent of a right click on the track pad). After that it simply would not restart. Went into disk utilities and did a first aid repair on the hard drive which identified a problem with the kaspersky which it had said it had fixed. It still won't restart. I tried to do a first aid repair on my Mac os x system but it won't let me do that. I am now reinstalling lion. I do have another external hard drive that I have used for back up with time machine but its not as up to date as I would like.

    Has this happened to anyone else with kaspersky? Is it even worth using antivirus with lion? What do I do if reinstalling lion doesn't work?
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    May 16, 2008
    You don't need any 3rd party antivirus app to keep your Mac malware-free. Macs are not immune to malware, but no true viruses exist in the wild that can run on Mac OS X, and there never have been any since it was released 10 years ago. The only malware in the wild that can affect Mac OS X is a handful of trojans, which can be easily avoided with some basic education, common sense and care in what software you install. Also, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion have anti-malware protection built in, further reducing the need for 3rd party antivirus apps.
    I recommend you uninstall Kaspersky software from your Mac.

    The most effective method for complete app removal is manual deletion:
  3. Maccyd thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 29, 2011

    Thank you so much for the response. Reinstalling lion sorted things. I've removed all the antivirus kaspersky software and won't being going there again.

    Thanks again
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    Oct 30, 2008
    It was good advice.

    As was pointed out, there are no self-replicating viruses in the Mac world.

    However, vigilance is still required. Malware that can damage your machine, invade your privacy and loot your accounts can still be installed... by you. Download some "free" software from a warez site or torrent, and say 'yes' to installation... you may have just approved installation of a trojan horse. No system is more secure than the wetware sitting at the keyboard! Just be careful and you'll be fine.

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