Kata for 15" Unibody?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by cube, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. cube macrumors Pentium

    May 10, 2004
    I looked at the Kata laptop bag chooser and it just gives a big list for (whatever) 15" MacBook.

    I'm looking for one that can also take a pro DSLR and a couple of lenses, but where the photo padding can be removed, when you're just taking the laptop.

    It should also have a rain cover that still allows one to use the strap.

  2. cube thread starter macrumors Pentium

    May 10, 2004
    It seems that in the Lowepro Classsified 250 one cannot remove the photo padding, and that if in the Stealth Reporter D550 one takes it out, the laptop padding also goes away.
  3. ProwlingTiger macrumors 65816


    Jan 15, 2008
    I use the Kata 467.

    Now, the padding on it can be removed in the photo pocket. However it is a complete separate compartment than the laptop compartment. I don't know if that is what you are looking for.

    Worth looking at if you want a good bag. Comes with a rain cover as well :D
  4. tompon1923 macrumors 6502


    Jun 16, 2008
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    I bought the kata dr 467 a couple of weeks ago....
    Fits my macbook 13" in sleeve with a lot of space left in a dedicated notebook compartment perfectly. (The dedicated notebook compartment is for 17" notebooks).

    It also fits my Nikon F4, D80, 105mm Macro, 35-70mm and 28mm. I believe a 70-200 canon F/4 will fit in there but I also read reports with people storing a nikon 80-200 (2-ring model mounted on a body) in there with the padding removed. I'm extremely happy with this bag, everything fits perfectly with a lot of space left and it is comfortable to wear, for a really nice price!

    If you post what gear you have I might be able to say if your stuff is able to fit in there
  5. cube thread starter macrumors Pentium

    May 10, 2004

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