keep Aperture and iPhoto synced?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by pit29, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    I've got a new question. I'm using Aperture on my MBP to organize and post-process my images, but as I am shooting more and more RAW, my library gets bigger and bigger... So I am wondering whether there's a way to have the Aperture previews automatically synced with iPhoto - if yes, I could move my Aperture library to an external disc but still have access to the previews when I only have the MBP.

    (I am aware that you can import Aperture's previews to iPhoto manually, but I am looking for a solution that does it kind-of automatically, or script-wise. Manually finding new and newly edited photos, importing them to iPhoto, deleting their old relatives, and rebuilt the project / event structure would be a pain...)

    I appreciate any suggestions!
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    I think Aperture will do what you need automatically. You can organize the Aperture library such that most of your RAW images live on the external drive but the data base, thumbnails and preview JPGs live on the internal notebook drive. With the external disconnected you only the screen sized JPG images and I think they are marked to show that the raws are "disconnected". You can keep the few raw files you need in the internal. There is a feature called (from memory) "relocate masters" that you have to use. You can't just copy the files using the finder.

    There is another built-in feature that lets you move entire "projects" off line. But (I think) off lined projects are totally "gone" ad you can't access the screen size JPGs.

    YOu can also set up to seporate Aperture libraries and move projects between them. The "project" in aperture is self contained and takes it's ppreview and metadata with it. So you'd have two libraries and move projects back and forth.

    There are like more ways to handle this problem within Aperture
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    first, forget iPhoto. just moving everything to Aperture. and yes, you can store the masters on an external hard drive or wherever else you like.

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