Keep Current MBP (2Ghz Core Duo) or get new MB?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by JonHimself, Nov 9, 2008.

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    So I'm just looking for some other thoughts and opinions from people. A little back story - I bought a MBP a year or so ago (maybe two years?). I used to own an iBook and always wanted to upgrade the the powerbook. When the new macbooks/macbook pros were launched I almost went with the macbook just because it was a drastic improvement over my iBook (as opposed to just a few minor tweaks). I ended up going with the macbook pro, but I think that was just because I had my mind set on an aluminum laptop and felt that I wasn't really upgrading if I just got the macbook (silly, I know).
    I like to pretend that I'm a 'pro' user. I use garageband/logic express to 'make music', i screw around with photoshop and even do some video editing... nothing that is of consequence, just all personal use.
    The most 'computer-intensive' thing I do on a regular basis is rip and encode dvds so it's not like I really need the 'Pro' line-up.
    I'm wondering if I switch from my current macbook pro to the new macbook line-up, would I notice much of a difference in the use? On top of that, would the 2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo in the new macbook be an improvement over my 2.0 Core Duo? I'm just comparing specs and it seems like the new macbooks stack-up pretty well against my mbp (for what I use it for) and actually improve in some areas (ie Wireless N)
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    Mar 26, 2004

    I'd like to hear some opinions also, but I think if I was to make a jump, it would be for a new mbp. Hearing about the inferior screen and lack of firewire, makes me stay away from the macbook right now. At the same time, I am still pretty happy with my setup so I may just wait for the second revision of the laptop line where any quirks might be just worked out.
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    Umm... for your needs, the MB is plenty. 2.0GHZ in C2D is much faster than 2.0GHZ in CD, due to the newer cpu microarchitecture. Faster networking, faster startup, faster app launches, etc. Only difference is backlit keyboard of your MBP vs. no backlit of the MB, unless you opt for the high end aluminum MB.

    The screen inferiority is moot, it's your opinion. If you do heavy graphics work and look at the MB, it's the wrong machine for your needs. Personally, I would just look at the screen to see if it is "inferior". Firewire... unless you do heavy video editing and *have* to use FireWire, use USB2.0. Or heavy file transfers, USB2.0 works pretty well.
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    Go to the applestore with a dvd of a black and white movie or a tim burton flick. If you can make out the details on the movie, then the screen should be adequate for most purposes.

    Oh, and don't take p0rn, I'm told they frown on that....:rolleyes:
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    Great idea but wouldn't the different LCD Manufacturers give false hopes? Meaning, he might get a kick ass LCD with the floor model with a good LCD brand but the one he purchases might suck.

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