Keep iMac, or replace with 27" Cinema Display?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by adamlbiscuit, Feb 14, 2011.

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    I have an 'old' iMac that I have gotten loads of use out of since I bought it in April '09. I've done all sorts on it from light gaming, to heavy photoshopping. It's been a brilliant machine and I've never had any real issues with it except from the occasional crashing app maybe.

    In December 2010, however, I bought myself a MacBook Pro. I underestimated it's power. It turns out that it can do everything my iMac can do at the same speeds and without any hitches. As a result, my iMac is sitting there doing nothing because I ALWAYS choose the MBP over it because of it's portability. It's basically being used only for iPod management at the moment, and nothing else.

    So I had a wild thought the other day - I should maybe sell the iMac and replace it with a 27" Apple Cinema Display. I have the money to do that. That way I could keep the desktop experience and the screen real estate that the iMac delivers, but without the waste of having one extra computer that I hardly use.

    But I can't bring myself to get rid of the iMac. I still feel like I've only had it a minute, and I still feel theres more I can get out of it. But my MacBook Pro is stealing it's thunder and I ALWAYS choose it over my iMac because of the portability factor.

    What suggestions do you guys have? Should I keep it around or should I replace it with a display? On the other hand - Is it nonsensical to replace a full computer with a display?
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    honestly, it sounds like you'd be fine either way. If you didn't have the imac already, I'd definitely say get a display instead of a desktop. But you do have the imac, and if you "can't stand to get rid of it," why not keep it?
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    How is that display "better" than the 27" ACD?

    I think you meant to say that there were "cheaper" options out there...
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    This thread look pretty dead but, I just want to point out that you can use your iMac as a external monitor for your MBP :D
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    If you have a 27" released October 2009, not the earlier 24".

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