iPad Keep JB 11.3.1 or Upgrade to 12?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by aukyew, Sep 25, 2018.

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    I bought the 10.5 Ipad pro last month and to my surprise, it came with 11.3.1. My original intention was never to JB the ipad pro but since it is jb'able, I did it and it works wonder. My main purpose of JB is to block ads. I heard the IOS 12 is a lot better and stable than 11. Is it silly to give up JB and go 12?

    Your feedback is much appreciated.

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    That is an individual question only you can answer.

    If you stay on 11.3.1 eventually you won't be able to install certain apps that require iOS 12 or higher.

    For my own self, once I have a jailbreak I work as hard to keep it as I can. My primary device has never been updated past iOS 9.0.2.

    But I don't depend on any apps that require a higher version of iOS and if there is something that does I have other devices.

    As to stability, if it's working and it's stable why update (except for apps). If you're updating because it's 'better' then maybe there's something you value more than keeping your ad blocker in iOS 11.

    Again it's all down to personal choice and how you use your device.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I have to say the iPad is rock solid with the jb. The only annoyance is, i could not let it charge overnight or I'll lose jb. Initially i thought the device has restarted but it never ask me for passcode which confirmed restart is not the cause of jb loss.

    I think I'll keep jb until more features are added to the upcoming ios.

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    The question is "how often do you use your iPad for daily use?". I've many iPads for me and my family but I never jailbreak them because it's not our primary device. But my iPhone X iOS 11.3.1 is jailbreak because it's always with me.

    I don't know what a jailbreak will server on an iPad really. If that's the case, upgrade to iOS 12. But if it's your primary device then keep the jailbreak
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    I do use it on a daily basis more than my xps. The iPad Pro offers the convenience no laptop could replace. The ProMotion is another reason. My old iPad Air 2 used to stay on 9.0.3 jb until I updated to 11.3.1 for Electra. So it is my primary device. I’ll keep the jb for now.
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