keep macbook air or get 15 mbp?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kylelong100, May 12, 2009.

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    Feb 29, 2008
    I tried two refurbished mba 1.86 with ssd, both have some of the horizontal lines. Lines not bad, except once I know they exist, it bothers me to a small extent. Also, with numbers and my note-taking, I think a 15 inch mbp would be better in terms of the screen and screen size. I do intend to carry the computer to work 3 to 4 days a week. So, I wonder is 15 inch mbp is mobile for that?

    (also, I have a revision A MBA that my infant daughter broke the screen. I could fix it for $350 dollar but I dont like the slow-speed.
    any one want to buy that from me?)
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    Nov 21, 2008
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    I think the mbp 15 is a smart choice all around. I sport one and take it to class. It is delightfully portable while supplying all the power I need for my daily tasks. (2.6 GHz, 4 Gb ram, 200 Gb HDD, mid 2008)
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    Sep 19, 2008
    I might say MacBook Pro. However, first, I say wait a month. I believe we will get updates to all the Mac notebooks in June. So, it's worth the wait.

    The MBA is so much more portable. It is so light, it's so small, it's display (without lines) is so beautiful. It takes up the space of a few magazines in a bag. It is better in an airline seat, and it is all about fun.

    However, if you need more RAM, more screen real estate, an optical drive and more power, the MBP is a great Mac. The unibody build is incredible.

    The thing right now, is that both are nearly seven months old. So you are paying full price for seven month old technology. Apple normally updates its Mac notebooks every six months, so a June update is very possible.

    There has been a rumor about an OLED display in Mac notebooks in JUNE! This is a huge reason to wait. The OLED display doesn't need a backlight, so it uses less power, it's supposedly incredible from angles, and has better clarity and color.

    MBP = reasons for waiting
    Reason two for waiting, the battery technology used in the 17" MBP will probably make its way to the 15" MBP with its next update. A six-hour battery is worth the wait.

    Reason three for waiting, official support for 8 GB of RAM. This is almost a guarantee. The consumer iMac now supports 8 GB of RAM, so the 15" MBP has to get that next. It costs a lot now, but a year or two down the road, it will be cheap and give you an extra year or two of life of the MBP.

    Reason four for waiting, BluRAY, probably will not happen, but there is a rumor that 10.5.7 supports it, so anything is possible.

    MBA reasons for waiting

    Along with the OLED display, normal evolution would dictate 4 GB of RAM.

    2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SL9600 (already released)

    256 GB SSD drive.

    Glass trackpad.

    3G card built in!

    Possibility of black anodized aluminum casing.

    Possibility of two different sizes (13" and 15" rumored for six months)

    There are a lot of great reasons to wait, but if you need it now buy based on what you most want.

    If you want rev B MBA, try Best Buy or better yet Amazon. Some have said getting MBAs without lines at both sources. Amazon isn't much more than refurbished as they don't charge sales tax.

    Good luck!

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