Keep my 1.59.00 Baseband?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Dannymonky, Oct 8, 2010.

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    I have an iPhone 4 Jailbroken on 4.0.1. All shsh files saved locally up to 4.1 with umbrella. Is there any advantage to keeping my baseband 1.59.00 w/ umbrella when upgrading to 4.1 and going w/ the new greenpois0n JB? Or do I let the baseband update automatically w/ 4.1 upgrade. I have a contract w/ AT&T and have no plans to unlock. But I might sell the phone in the future. Does it matter at this point w/ no unlock anyway? Any higher resale value w/ older baseband? Thanks for any answers.
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    We don't know until JB is release. We don;t know how Geenpois0n is going to work. You can upgrade to 4.1 using tiny Umbrella and no upgrade your baseband but that doesn't mean that you can JB 4.1 with greenposion when you already are on 4.1, my guess is that it will be a custom IPWS like pwnage tool was (is).

    You have to wait until sunday for instructions.

    Yes, Unlock iPhone will have no only higher resell value, but it will sell faster
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    If you care about an unlock (or resale value) then installing 4.1 via tinyumbrella is the way to go. Then simply jailbreak with greenp0ison. I wouldn't do anything yet until a jailbreak for 4.1 is released.

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