Keep my 30" Cinema or sell and buy Thunderbolt Display?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by sukanas, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Nov 15, 2007
    After doing much calculation, I found that with a great deal I got on the 30" cinema.. I can sell it for a profit and with the profit gained and spending about 50-100 dollars more, I can get the current thunderbolt display.

    ill list my personal pros and eventually, id like to know your opinion too, thanks!!

    Matte - I originally had the unibody 15" mbp and I hated staring at my face time to time. Granted, its not happening 24/7, but with my dell 2209wa I noticed a much more pleasing and less distracting experience (especially during the day when the windows are near!!)

    Silver Frame - I'm also not a personal fan of the whole black bezel scheme apple is going for.. which is another reason why i love the MBA!! :D

    Built in 2009 - According to appleserialnumberinfo, my display was made in 09, so its not terribly old.. considering I couldve gotten a 30 cinema that could've been 5 years old.

    Physically Bigger - I love high PPI, but 108 vs 100 isn't much of a difference. I'm only gonna care when its above 200 (haha, i wonder how long itll take to get there!). So in this case, I like literally having the 'bigger' monitor. Plus, i like having more vertical pixels, not into the whole 16:9 'thing.'

    THUNDERBOLT and DOCKING - pretty much explains itself. I LOVE having less cables, its a huge plus for me...

    Webcam - i dont webcam often, but when I do, I wanna avoid having to remove my mba from the bookarc (i dont like leaving my laptop open as a second monitor, i find it distracting)

    LED backlighting - i suppose this gives it a better contrast right? brighter whites and deeper blacks?

    Overall, it seems like the 30" is for me for practical day to day use. But at the same time, I dont wanna invest in something thats "old." The thunderbolt docking is really tempting me to switch over, but the glass isn't so pleasing. I dont HATE the glass and never ever see myself with it.. but having thunderbolt is making me overlook the whole glass thing.

    Oh and most importantly, I use my computer as a typical college student. Surf, email, music, movies. I do use aperture and cs5 but nothing to the industrial level. I know FW800 is a huge plus, but I can live with having to wait an extra 5 minutes for an export since I'm only doing it "once."
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    I would sell it and get the latest screen, but that's just me I like getting new technology and sell old one if it's worth selling tho.
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    Aug 19, 2010
    You didn't mention which Mac you have. If you have a MBP, the TBD's ports are nice but frivolous. But if you have a MBA, those ports are essential. To me, if you have a MBP, the TBD is not a must-have, more like a luxury item. But its synergy with the MBA makes it a must-have if that's what you got.
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    Nov 15, 2007
    lol dam i have the mba. i really dont wanna hassle with reselling. i wonder if you guys think having tb outweighs having the glass screen.

    i was also thinking.. maybe i should just keep this 30" anyways and wait for the next model (according to trends, it seems to update almost every year) so maybe itll have audio jack and usb3 and the price of thunderbolt hardware will go down. as i mentioned previously, speed from ports won't really matter to me for awhile (fw800, i only have a fw400 external and im not planning on buying a fw800 drive anytime soon). ethernet - never use. thunderbolt - again, i dont need crazy speeds. plus, thunderbolt hardware is expensive and unjustifiable for me to spend since I dont use my mba for professional(money) use.
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    Nov 15, 2007
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    Keeping my 30" ACD

    Though having a TB hub has some appeal when I weighed out the pros and cons I just couldn't see a compelling reason replace the 30" ACD with a 27" TBD.
    1. At this point the 30" ACD is a sunk cost. Best case I for selling the 30" ACD once shipping and my time and effort is figured in would be $700-$800, leaving me with another $200-$300 to go for the TBD.
    2. While I don't abhor glossy screens, I prefer the matte screen of the ACD.
    3. The nail in the coffin for the TBD for me however is the 16:9 format. Though the 27" size negates some of the stretched out feeling I get when doing anything other than watching a movie on a 16:9 the ACD's 16:10 format just works better for me.

    Apple's miniDP to dual link display adapter isn't as clean a solution as the TBD's Thunderbolt connection but gets the job done.

    Ultimately it came down to a question of do I really want to spend that much money on a TB hub?
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    Nov 15, 2007
    I ultimately ended up sticking with the 30"

    I checked out my school's imac and yeah.. the glass isnt for me.. i dont mind the glossy lcd (like on the old school mbp or the current mba) but its the glass that just makes everything worse...

    The 16:10 and physical size is just awesome!

    While the thunderbolt is really cool and neat, I think itll be worth the wait for next model's. Granted, I'm not gonna make absurd speculations so this 30" will keep me patiently waiting :).

    While LED is cool, the CCFL cool too.

    What also made me gave up was that even with the neat thunderbolt 'one cable' solution, I would still have to organize the extra wire slack neatly on my wire rack under my desk.

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