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Jan 27, 2009
Hello, I took advantage of Black Friday and purchased a Pixel 4 XL at 425.00 off from Verizon.
I use Apple Card and discovered I am locked into iPhone with no way to manage payments using Android. As much as I like the Pixel 4, I may have to return it. The only option I see is cancelling the Apple Card. Any thoughts?


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Oct 20, 2011
Austin, TX
I have read this in multiple places but you are the first person I have seen actually do this.

You have a few options:
  • Cancel your Apple Card - This one is a bad idea for your credit in all likelihood
  • keep your iPhone just to pay your Apple Card but move your SIM to your Pixel. This one obviously ruins your trade in and there are things you need to make sure you do when moving to Pixel, like disabling iMessage.
  • Use your iPad to pay your Apple Card. If you don't have an iPad, this is a $300 option, but it's probably better than the other 2. You can pay your Apple Card in the settings App, I believe.
  • Call Goldman Sachs and pay your Apple Card manually once a month - This is the free version. It's not great, but I would do this, as I would expect Apple to eventually allow you to pay off your card online.


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Jan 27, 2009
Thank you, those are all good options. The only other is just to return the Pixel and keep my XS.


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Feb 27, 2011
I don’t think Apple has reported the card on credit reports yet, I know mine hasn’t shown up anywhere. So canceling shouldn’t be a big deal if you go that route. It’s really not a very good card anyway.


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Sep 27, 2012
Could also get a cheap used iPhone that supports the Apple Card to make the payments bringing the cost down. Apple card works with iPhone 6 and up as well as the SE. So you could be into it for $70.
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