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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 10-Dee-Q, Oct 4, 2008.

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    I own 2G iphone, i bought it when it was launched and i jail break and unlock it usging the methods i found in this forum, and now it runs 1.1.2 anyway i've never use the iphone for quite sometimes cause i'm very busy with my work and i had to use my trusty Nokia E90 for that, (i use iphone mainly for leisure phone) :p
    anyway last week i went to hong kong and one of my colleague ask me to buy an iphone 3G for him, so i bought one , whte colour , factory unlocked, the moment i tried the phone, i starting to fell in love again, but i remember that i still have my 2G 8GB at home, and being busy with my wirk, i haven't check this forum or any other iphone forum for the past several months, so i don't know any thing that;s has been going on in this iphone world.

    when i bought the 3G for my friends, they ask me wheter i wanted the normal iphone (locked using a kind of turbo SIM) or factory unlock, (full unlock, no need turbo SIM) and i bought thet factory unlock for my friend, so i guess the 3G is still not unlockables, is this true ?

    and apart from having 3G and GPS, is there anymore diference between them ?

    i've heard several people says the 3G reception is worse and battery life also very bad.

    and most important;y i want to know wheter my 2G iphone can runs the same firmware as the 3G phone ?

    if possible can somebody be kind enough to guide me to it ?

    if the 2G can't runs the same firmware then maybe i'll buy the 3G,

    thank you so much and i really miss modding my iphone :p
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    As it stands currently an iPhone 2G can run the 2.1 (same software on the 3G iPhone/iPod Touch)

    But you said you've unlocked the phone which leads me to believe you're not on a legit iPhone tariff in which case you would need to jailbreak/unlock your phone again after upgrading to 2.1 using Pwnage Tool 2.1

    Then again maybe you're just better off buying a legit unlocked phone from Hong Kong and be merry
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    On 2.1 firmware the 3G issues you stated are not a concern.

    It is possible to use PwnageTool to bring your 1G to 2.1 functionality.

    How often do you have a chance to be in Hong Kong? We're still awaiting success threads on using a China unlocked 3G in the US.

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