Keeping camera dry in a kayak/canoe

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by hslxsmd, May 7, 2009.

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    That is about all these cheap cases will do, keep splashes off the camera. There is another brand of plastic bag type "case" made by Ewa-marine. See which you like best. Neither is a true under water housing. Those cost more than the camera does.

    You have to test these before each use for things like pin hole leaks

    Other options are to keep the gear in a Pelican case the take it out to get the photo and put it back when you are done. That is what I do and what most others do. Cameras are not damaged at the beach unless you drop it in the saltwater. I would not worry some much about sand. But even with one of these low-cost bag things you still would want a case if you take the camera on a kayak or canoe. You have to protect the bag from abuse.

    I use a "real" housing designed for scuba diving because I shoot underwater. You don't need one of these. But I'll tell you the one place where a camera takes a beating is in the surf zone, a hundred or so feet from shore. I don't think a plastic bag housing would work there unless the camera were also in a case but anyplace else (on land or farther from shore) it could work although as I said it is overkill for use on land.

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