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    Feb 26, 2009
    My purpose is to summarize what I can collect as information on the best way to keep macs and devices in sync.

    First, I will focus on the main goal I want to achieve: keep iCal and Address Book in sync for a macbook and a mac mini. The sync can occur via internet (nice-to-have) or simply when they are on the same network (minimum requirement).

    Later below are also separately listed info on files/folder sync.

    The option I have found so far:

    For Address Book and iCal:

    1) Mac OS X native option
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers the possibility to keep iCal and Address Book in sync, via a Google Account or a Yahoo Account.
    requires Google account
    also keep Google Contacts and Calendar in sync
    But no contacts picture sync, limited phone number (3 or 4 per contact)

    2) Mobile Me
    iCal, Address Book, ...
    + storage, web hosting, complete integration with Mac OS X...
    79$ / year

    3) Others...

    Spanning Sync 3
    Almost as option 1) as it requires a Google Account.


    Only between computers. But they don't need to be ON at the same time (using fruux cloud).
    also sync bookmarks and notes.
    10.5 and upper.

    For files/folder sync:

    1) Mobile Me iDisk

    2) Dropbox and analog, whether they are webbased on full applications
    Amazon S3
    Microsoft Live Mesh

    3) Other solutions, more manual...
    Part of OS X already. You may need to update it depending on the task, but if you can figure it out, here it is:
    rSync (thanks to i.shaun)

    What am I using? I am now trying Fruux. Free and doing exactly what I needed: sync 2 macs for address book and calendar. Not less, and a little more. More after a few days of use!

    Comments welcome! I can update my post...
  2. i.shaun macrumors 6502a


    May 1, 2008
    There is also a free thing called rSync that is actually installed in OS X already. You may need to update it depending on the task, but if you can figure it out, here it is:


    I was working on it in a thread for folder syncing to an External HDD with the same file system. That thread is here.

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