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    I have several pickers in my app and I want to keep track of the selections of each picker before seguing to the next viewcontroller.

    Only after each picker has selected a satisfactory value do I want the current viewcontroller to segue to the next in the sequence.

    I tried to use an if statement that evaluates if all pickers have selected a satisfactory value before segueing however the Swift Compiler tells me that evaluating the conditional is too complex to complete in a reasonable time.

    I tried to use a simple counter but the Picker seems to trigger the counter when an acceptable value is passed or chosen temporarily but then an alternate value is chosen as the final choice. I cannot seem to make the counter in the Picker code recognize that a new alternate choice was selected and then reset the counter appropriately.

    Any helpful suggestions? thanks for your time.
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    After tinkering with the pickerviews and removing all performsegue code then i was surprised to find that after all pickers have chosen a value (whether it is an acceptable value or not) then the viewcontroller segues to the next viewcontroller in sequence. Is that supposed to happen? Is that some feature of pickerview?
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    You should keep track of selected values via Bool, not a counter. If an appropriate value has been selected, set it's Bool = true. So create a Bool for each picker and check if all are true, proceed to the next view.

    Yes, all pickers have a default value, set to index[0] of it's data source. It's common to have [0] be empty or have information for what the picker means to the user. In the UIPickerController delegate, let [0] == false for your bools and anything over that == true.

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